E.P.S. = Expandable Polystyrene
    This polymer is a petroleum derivative and contains a liquid with a low boiling point: pentane. The polymer becomes pliable when heated with steam. The pentane expands and enlarges the pellets to 40 times their original volume. These pellets are then injected into moulds and the model is produced by further steam processing. When cooled, the mould takes on its definitive shape.

Technical Data

    EPS has countless advantages which are summarized below:
    • It is CFC-free and does not affect the ozone layer.
    • It is 100% recyclable.
    • It offers very good thermal insulation.
    • It has a very high shock-resistance.
    • The price-quality ratio is very appealing.
    • It is suitable for the packaging of foodstuffs.
    • It is lightweight and strong.
    • It does not affect groundwater.
    • It has a good life cycle.
    • It does not affect the health.
    • Its moisture absorption is minimal.
    • It has an extremely wide range of applications.

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