The west of Belgium is well known historically for of its flax/linen industry. The Seurynck family was also active in this sector and its original business was processing flax into linen. As flax-processors, they were already familiar with the properties and potentials of steam and water, which are also the principal ingredients in EPS technology. Economic shifts made the switch to polystyrene foam production a logical follow on. Seuropak became a fact.

Development of the company

    Over the years, we have always tried to maintain the family character of our firm. Customer satisfaction and service to measure are the two main principles guiding the way we work. However, high-tech and computer-controlled machinery have now replaced the manual flax-processing machine of old. This is the route we have followed to become one of the leading producers of EPS packaging materials in the Benelux.


    Seuropak NV
    Nijverheidslaan 10
    8560 Gullegem - Belgium
    Tel: +32 (56) 400996
    Fax: +32 (56) 403953

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